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High End Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations that you'll look forward to pulling out year-after-year

If you're in the market for high-end Halloween decorations, then you must love Halloween as much as we do at Ab Fab!

Life-sized hand-made dolls and much more...  your display will look amazing with these pieces in it

Every year, we get excited about 8 weeks before Halloween because we know we're going to get to see all of the amazing new decorations. Without a doubt, some of the most "wow" moments come when we open the boxes for these high-end Halloween decorations. 

It's not that our other Halloween decorations aren't great - they are - there is just a level of attention to detail and love that goes into these decorations, here, that is unmatched. 


Can you imagine some life-sized skeletons dancing in your window this Halloween? Or what about this highly detailed doll from Katherine's Collection? Cool, right?

Feel free to drop by Absolutely Fabulous, in Huntington Beach, if you would like some great ideas for your Halloween display or haunted house. Not only do we have great props and decorations, but we'll happily help you put some product together so you can walk out with a cohesive, scary, display!