Cool Razor Gift Set for Dad for Around $25

Cool Razor Gift Set for Dad for Around $25

The cheapest way to try a DE safety razor at Ab Fab is the Rockwell Rookie Butterfly Razor at $19.95 plus a selection of 4 5-packs of blades at $5.16, or around 26 cents per blade. All of the blades we curated are of excellent quality. I priced the package with four packs of blades because it is recommended that you try a few different types of blades with a new razor, to see which combo works best for your skin.

The price to try a double-edged safety razor with 20 blades is therefore $25.11 plus tax

Twenty blades will provide you with 20-70 shaves, depending on who you are. 

You don't have to buy the soap and brush to see what you think of the razor. Give it a go! What do you have to lose?

- Ian

The source of the previous image is this blog post, which does an excellent job of succinctly stating why DE Safety Razor shaving is better than drug store cartridge systems.