Why You Need A Selection of Razor Blades

Why You Need A Selection of Razor Blades

It is important to always purchase a selection of 3-5 different types of razor blades whenever you have a new DE safety razor. This is because each razor blade reacts differently with your skin and your hair type, as well as the way it interacts with the razor it is being used by. 

Heck - they start for 5 (or around 15 shaves) for less than $2.00 

To put a long story short: all of the blades that we offer are world-class; but I can almost guarantee that one or two will work particularly well for you and your razor. This combination is very personal.

The material that coats the individual razors vary depending on the brand as well! Anything from platinum, titanium, Teflon, ceramic, or stainless steel! We have them all; and depending on your hair type, hair texture, skin type and sensitivity, you will find any combination of these blades will work best for you. You might find the ultra premium blades from Bolzano or Rapira-as a for instance-might work better for 3 & 4 type hair because the sharpness wont allow for tugging and they also are better for sensitive skin.

in the same note, for more fine hair types like 1 & 2, you may find Astra Blades or ladas or merkur blades may work better. These are just some generalities based on our experiences with these razors, and revues we have had regarding the large selection of blades we carry! 

come on down and try them out!